Elementary Program

The Journey Montessori School’s multi-age elementary classroom builds upon the solid and timeless curriculum developed by innovative scientist Dr. Maria Montessori.  She observed that children learn best when given the opportunity to work with hands-on materials and when allowed to make some of their own work choices throughout the day.

Journey’s elementary curriculum is outlined and introduced to the children with five “Great Lessons” that address (1) the universe, (2) the evolution of life on Earth, (3) the history of humans, (4) mathematics, and (5) languages. These presentations are given by the teacher in story form with experiments, charts and leading questions that encourage and inspire the children to explore their own questions through independent and group research.

At a time when educators and schools lean toward inundating children with facts and homework, a more-is-better philosophy, the JMS approach is different. Journey allows children time to sift, process, and revisit lessons, giving children the opportunity to think deeply about a topic and allowing them to find the necessary elements that can guide their passage toward intellectual connections across the curriculum.