“An environment-based education movement–at all levels of education–will help students realize

that school isn’t supposed to be a polite form of incarceration, but a portal to the wider world.” 

― Richard Louv

Application Process

1.  Get to know Journey Montessori School. A great way to begin the process is by attending one of our Open Houses, which are held twice each year. If there is not a scheduled Open House that is convenient for you please submit your information on our contact form and we will reach out to you.

2.  Submit an application. After attending an open house or speaking with a member of our staff, submit an application if you are interested in enrolling your child at Journey. You will find the application on the menu bar above, under admissions, or by clicking on one of the following links: Primary and Elementary Application (3-11 years old) Middle School Application (12-14 years old).

3.  Meet with our staff. The information provided in the application is only one part of the picture. We like to meet with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss what your goals are for your child and explain our school’s philosophy.

4.  Schedule a visit for your child. The next step is to have your child visit the school. This will give our staff an opportunity to interact with your child in the classroom. The length of the visit will vary based on the age and comfort level of your child.  The child’s current teacher will need to fill out the Teacher Recommendation Form.

5.  Applicant review. We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the child’s visit and determine if Journey is a good fit for your child and your family.

6.  Offer of Enrollment. We will notify you if your child is accepted into an available spot in the next class. You will receive registration paperwork that must be submitted along with a deposit in the amount of $2,000 to secure placement. This deposit is a non-refundable, annual deposit which is applied to the tuition for the coming school year.