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Applicant Educational Profile - Part I

Are you familiar with Montessori education?
How did you hear about Journey Montessori School?
What are your educational goals for this child?
How do you see Journey Montessori School facilitating these goals?
As partners in supporting the education of your child, we expect parent(s)/guardian(s) to commit to attend at least two parent education events each school year. In addition, what role can we expect the child's parent(s)/guardian(s) to play in facilitating this child's educational goals?
What are your child's interests, strengths, and abilities?
Describe your child's social/emotional behavior at home and, if applicable, at school.
Please describe any special circumstances (especially allergies or medical restrictions) that should be taken into consideration in planning your childʼs admission visits and/or school program.

Applicant Educational Profile - Part II *

*Please fill out this section if your child is currently in school or has been previously enrolled in a school. If a question does not apply to your child please write "N/A" in the space provided.

Describe your child's general development and academic performance in the current/previous school.
Has your child had any tutoring or enrichment classes, in or out of school, during the past two years? If so, in what areas?
We do not want to repeat testing unnecessarily. If your child has completed professionally administered diagnostic testing in the past two years, please describe and provide copies of the evaluation results. (This would include tests such as intelligence, cognitive ability, achievement, psychological and/or medical.)
Upload diagnostic testing or evaluation results for your child.
Are you aware of any areas in which we might be able to give special help and encouragement to your child? Is your child receiving special services in the current school?

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If you choose to pay by check please mail your check to Journey Montessori School, 1212 Unity Way, Santa Fe, NM 87506 and reference your child's name in the memo.

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Journey Montessori School is a diverse learning community where independence, positive self-esteem, critical thinking, responsibility to self and others and a peaceful, appreciative stewardship of the Earth are fostered in every student. The Journey Montessori School Community is a welcoming community that does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, family structure, color, religion, socioeconomic status, national origin, ancestry, or a disability that is unrelated to the ability to enjoy the benefits of the schoolʼs programs, facilities, or services.