We continued learning about amazing trees today.  Ms. Beth showed us how a leaf makes its food yesterday.  We reviewed photosynthesis and then talked about why leaves change color.  We learned that bananas also have chlorophyll when they are green.  We continued our study of trees today by learning their parts and “Building a Tree” as a group. We each acted out one of the parts complete with actions and sounds.  It was fun, and challenging to act out the tree AND to protect ourselves from the tough bark beetle!  We sang a song about trees (“There was a Tree”) and drew the parts of a tree in our nature journals before heading out to Galisteo for the day.

It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  We collected leaves to make leaf rubbings and to identify the trees back in the classroom with our field guides.  We found clay with very distinct animal tracks – dogs!  We saw two goats and discovered a HUGE fallen over tree that was fun to walk up and down; a natural balance beam!  Some of us made pots while others dug up thick slabs of clay for plates and for fun! We (unknowlingly) practiced sit spots during a game of camouflage on the trail, and we found many old cars being used for erosion control at the base of a dirt cliff.  We ate lunch beside the river and then got to work building a waterway, mud factories, tunnels and bridges  –  the beginnings of civilization. We were entertained by Coover, our adventure dog, as she joyfully chased shadows of falling leaves for hours.  On our way back we decided to walk through the river which was a sensorial delight – wet, dirty, and running through water, blue sky and peaking cottonwoods – a highlight!  Thank goodness for extra clothes in the vehicles so we could dry off and warm up. A wonderful day!

Teacher’s Note: We are learning daily how to work and play together as a group, and these adventures connecting with nature are learning experiences in these and so many other ways!


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