Our first camping trip was an overnight at Hyde State Park.  We arrived just in time to celebrate the Fall Equinox, each of us giving thanks for something special from our summer and looking forward to the new season.  The children were each responsible for setting up their own tents and preparing their own sleeping area.  Children were also responsible for planning and helping to prepare one meal each.  They did a great job! Everyone was very well fed (including camp dog, Coover!), and most stayed dry during the evening rain and hail storm which descended with the darkness.  It was an exciting night on the mountain, and everyone hung in there despite the loud thunder and pounding hail!  A true test of their hardiness.

The morning was chilly, so the kids got a fire going before heading out on a scavenger hunt.  They had clues with compass directions and paces leading them to successive clues.  The end of the hunt led them to a waterfall and each of them choosing their animal name for the season.


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