We met at Fort Marcy where we played some games and learned and practiced different animal gaits, a real challenge for us bipeds!

Up at the Big Tesuque campground for our adventure in learning, it was a beautiful day among the vibrant yellow aspens, and a great way to celebrate Ms. Beth’s birthday!  We talked about hiking safety, using the acronym S.A.F.E.R. to remember these important concepts:

S for Stop and Stay Put if you get lost

A for Tell and Adult where you are going

F for Go with a Friend

E for Bring an Equipment Kit

R for Make sure you Rest!

We hiked up to a large existing shelter where the kids got busy adding bark and other reinforcements.  It was a great opportunity for team building and learning to work together.

After lunch we hiked back down to the river to search for aquatic macroinvertebrates.  After some searching, we began to find various life forms: worms, mayflys, aquatic worms and stoneflys. It was exciting to discover these tiny invertebrates and to feed into our classroom learning about early invertebrates on earth.


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